Us Against The World

It breaks my heart when people tell me that they don’t have updated family photos. I have so much going on these days that remembering little things and little moments are becoming more and more difficult. It’s been 8 years since I held my little baby girl in my arms, breathed in her little infant scent and kissed the tiny rolls on her neck. And the memory is fuzzy. But I have boxes of photos and discs. At times, I’ll look over them and reminisce about times gone by.

Each year, I love seeing my portrait clients and seeing how the kiddos have grown. It makes me happy and it makes me a little sad too. And I recognize the importance of being able to hold on, just a little bit, to the past through images of moments you can never get back. So, each year, I force us to get on the wrong side of the camera and capture the last vestiges of youth.

And I am so so so thankful that I have so many talented friends that are willing to do so each year. Thanks to Paul at P.S. Photo Media and Daniel at Balboa Photography.

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