The One With The Strong Jawline

I have this theory that hot single guys don’t fly on airplanes and if they do, I never get seated next to them. Actually, only twice in my life have I been seated next to an attractive male and this is one of those times.

Earlier this year, I found myself at LAX waiting for a flight to Dallas to do a photoshoot. As I was sitting there, exuding fabulous-ness of course, a lady informs us over the intercom that the flight I was about to board not only had 2 equipment changes resulting in a smaller aircraft but that they had overbooked and needed volunteers to wait to take a later flight. Being the kind, generous gal I am (and enticed by the offer of a $300 travel voucher), I sauntered up to the counter and prepped myself for a nice, long four-hour acquaintance with terminal 42B.

I watched in almost envy as everyone else boarded my flight and consoled myself with the fact that I would get a voucher which meant another adventure somewhere! Then out of nowhere, I hear my name being paged. Apparently, they felt that packing us all in like sardines was still a viable option, so I found myself back on the flight manifest.

Being the last one on a flight is always fun, I get to bang into elbows and jostle everyone else’s carry-ons to try to find a place for my own. But my very favorite part is getting to sit in the MIDDLE of a row of three seats in between two strangers for hours. Finally getting all situated, I plop down gracefully in between two men and clutch my iPad like a lifeline.

I noticed my seatmate’s cologne first. He was wearing one of my favorite colognes and so I, in a totally NOT CREEPY AT ALL manner, inhaled and enjoyed. Then I noticed his strong jawline. I like strong jawlines. (I could say it’s because I’m a photographer and strong jawlines are nice to photograph, but the real truth is because strong jawlines are sexy). But then I saw the dreaded sunglasses. I’m sorry, but a big pet peeve of mine are people that wear sunglasses indoors –that includes airplanes. Automatic douchebag status. (I know, I know, it can be very bright on an airplane or maybe he just got his eyes dilated at the optometrist….I’m sooo insensitive). He promptly falls asleep and off we go.

About 15 minutes before we land at DFW, he asks to be let out of the window seat (or “claustrophobic prison” as I like to call it) which was perfect timing because I needed to pee as well and felt bad about disturbing the sleeping aisle seat man. As Strong Jawline and I wait for the restroom, (oh, he had taken his glasses off, btw, after his little nap and wow, in one word, he was GORGEOUS — but I hadn’t forgiven him for the sunglasses faux pas just yet) he compliments me on my shoes – sparkly pink Toms, in case you were wondering and I feel my cold black heart start to thaw just a bit. (His accent and strong jawline helped his cause as well. I’m so superficial).

Back at our seats we strike up a convo, and he tells me in his sexy accented voice and strong jawline, that his first impression of me was that I was very serious, but after talking to me he realized that I was the total opposite. As the conversation went along, I noticed him opening up more and more and showing signs of interest – gesturing with his hands, making excuses to touch my arm, etc. We go through the typical rituals of small talk. Turns out he was in LA, filming a reality show and though he lived out of the country, he was going to be back in LA in a few weeks to film for 6 months. He asked for my number as we deplaned. He was quite a gentleman and carried my luggage for me. When we stopped to go our separate ways, he gave me a hug, kissed me on the cheek and then surprised the heck out of me by kissing me full on the mouth! Well, that’s never happened to me before, but I could get used to a getting kissed by a gorgeous, strong jaw-lined stranger after every flight.

Can I have that added to the price of my ticket?

P.S. In case you were wondering, no, he didn’t call me. Boo.

P.P.S. Someone called me the “Carrie Bradshaw of the OC.” Bahahaha. I dig it. (Thanks Kristine Ko!)

4 thoughts on “The One With The Strong Jawline

  1. I LOVED reading this Hanssie! So funny and I love all the details. Jawlines are sexy and sunglasses inside are so annoying…agreed! But I love how you saved the best for last. This was a fun read!

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