On Pins And Needles | Acupuncture

Last week, in a last-ditch effort to use up my chiropractor/acupuncture insurance before it ran out, I went to see an acupuncturist. I’d been in the past, but only for one session and I didn’t go back because it was too far. If you want to know what acupuncture is and how it works, click HERE cause I can’t explain it…

Today was my third session and I have come to understand that she’ll look at my tongue, and then take my pulse. Those two things somehow tell the doctor where to stick the little pin like needles in my body. For instance, last session, she stuck a pin at the top of my foot which energy channel controls my liver and houses the feelings of worry, resentment and stress. The weird thing is, if she sticks it into a channel that is out of whack, the little pin hurts like hell and the more messed up you are in that area, the longer the pain lingers. I’ve had issues with my liver all my life (not to mention worry and stress and resentment), so let’s just say that I still have a bruise on the top of my foot from that little pin.

So, I’m lying on the table today, and she looks at my tongue and then she stuck a pin in my right wrist. I screeched in pain and she said, “That’s the energy line to the heart.”

Wait, what?

“It’s not like heart disease or anything like that but emotions of the heart. You are harboring a lot of emotional stress. That is very toxic to your body. Research has shown that when you cry tears of sadness there are toxins in your tears that are not present when you cry tears of joy. So it’d be good to cry it out right now.” She explains.

So, there I am bawling my eyeballs out with needles sticking out of my hands and feet.

I’m thinking chocolate and alcohol would’ve been a better choice.

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