On Mothers and Kidlets

For the first time in years, I was able to spend Mother’s Day with both my mom and my Kidlet. It was a nice day full of food, cake, and Candy Crush (my mom and daughter are ADDICTED).

Before I was married, I thought I wanted two Kidlets. Then when I had the Kidlet, I decided that I was good with one. One was like an accessory, two was a lifestyle, and any more than that would have me driving a minivan with stick figure stickers on the back window. I was content forever to have one. And a dog.

Then, after the divorce, I had to adjust to having a kid part-time. Which sucked but I’m not gonna lie, also had its benefits, too. And I had to give the dog away. Trauma upon trauma…

Now, almost two years of being single and turning 36 later this year (OMG!), I started having moments. Scary, I wouldn’t mind another baby-type moment. I kind of miss nuzzling a sleepy baby’s head and kissing their little cheeks and it’s weird, but I miss strollers. That fortune teller I visited at the fair last year said there would be three kids in my life…um, no thank you?

Never mind, I think what I really want is a dog. I’m definitely content with only one Kidlet. Hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day.

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