Life’s Little Reminders

I got a call today that one of my little first graders lost her dad earlier this week. He was in a serious accident a few weekends ago and was in ICU. He was in his late 20’s.

Times like this is when we are reminded how fleeting life is. It’s almost a cliche now – when the unexpected death of someone jars us into remembering that there are no guarantees. Unless it directly affects us, do we even bat an eyelash? We shake our heads at the tragedies and move on, thankful that it didn’t happen to us and keep doing what we’ve always done.

We wake up, go to work at a job we hate, complain about the weather, complain about the bills, the kids, the spouse…and yes, I am guilty of all of this.

Last week, thousands…THOUSANDS, lost their lives to a typhoon in another country. And the article that we wrote up at SLR Lounge got a few clicks. Then I post a commercial from Volvo that has tens of thousands of clicks and shares. Since when did people dying and/or needing help, become barely a dent in our radar, whereas entertaining the masses has become king? When did people stop CARING? When did we as a society become so jaded?

Thankful, a little of my faith in humanity was restored with BatKid on Friday. (If you haven’t heard about BatKid, you’ve been hiding under a rock. You should click HERE and catch up!)

I didn’t intend to get up on my soapbox tonight, and I certainly can’t make people start caring. I can only encourage you to teach your kids some compassion because I don’t want to have the Kidlet live in a world where people just don’t care about other people anymore.

Tonight, a little 6-year-old girl had to say goodbye to her Daddy, and that is just a small reminder that this life could end for any of us tomorrow. If that is the case for me, my hope is that I left my little part of the world better than I found it.

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