I’m in Miami, B*tch!

Last month, I was sent to spend a few days to live it up work my butt off in Miami. My task was to try out a new camera and some lenses that were about to hit the market and so for two and a half days, I was whisked away on a bus with 30 other journalist/photographers to shoot a variety of scenes with the new Sony a6300 and G-Master lenses.

When I arrived to check in, they made me drop off my stuff in my junior suite that overlooked the ocean and handed me about $10,000 worth of gear to play with, then sent me to dinner poolside with an open bar and lots of desserts. It was going to be a rough week, I could already tell.

The view from my room at the Fontaine Bleu

The view from my room at the Fontaine Bleu

Okay, so it wasn’t that rough, but it was a whirlwind. From morning till night, I was shooting or eating or both at the same time. In the end, I came back with some great adventures, new friends and a new camera (I won one in a photo contest). Some days my job can be exhausting and tedious, and others, it’s pretty damn awesome. (All images taken with my iPhone except otherwise indicated).

To read my official articles about the products I tested, check out this article on the a6300 and this one on the G-Master Lenses.

Miami-Fontaine-bleu-Hanssie-2 Miami-sony-trip-Hanssie-1

The Food. It was sooooo good and there were endless amounts of it.  Miami-sony-trip-Hanssie-4


I did get a few shots with the “real” camera, too. Below.



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