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I Can’t Homeschool Because [Insert Excuse Here]…

I have probably already posted about this a time or two, but when I told people I was going to homeschool my daughter 4 years ago, I got the typical weird looks, raised eyebrows and questions such as “What about her socialization??” Now that homeschooling has become more main stream and widely accepted, I get… Read More

“You Have a Hard Life”

While walking out of a restaurant last night with the Kidlet, after a 13-hour workday, she mentioned being happy about going home and into bed. To which I replied, “I would love to do that too.” Then, she said, “Let me guess. You have to work.” I told her she was correct, to which she… Read More

Feeling Like A Single Mom

Since I’ve been back, I’ve finally, after almost two years of being a single mom, feel like, well, a single mom. (The fact that there are, like, twenty commas in the first statement kind of proves how fried my brain is right about now). Homeschooling a 4th grader is hard core. Instead of letting my… Read More

The First Day Of School

Yesterday was the first day of the 4th grade for the Kidlet. I can’t believe it. As per our usual tradition, our first day consisted of a special breakfast (a maple bacon donut!) followed by school in the park. This tradition started in kindergarten when we were unable to stay at our house the first… Read More