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The Myth Of The Runner’s High

I hate running. I’m pretty sure that this “runner’s high” that people talk about is a myth. I’ve run a few races, ran a 7-minute mile once in high school to impress a guy I liked and ran like a guinea pig on the treadmill at the gym while bitterly watching the food network and… Read More

The Happy Middle

I’ve been in this dating game (and as much as I want it not to be a game, it is) for about a year now and I’ve discovered in my ever growing experience that there seems to be no middle ground. I’ve gone on dates with guys in their early twenties to early forties, and… Read More

The One With The Half Naked Pictures

I find myself having to blog about this guy even though I’ve never met him, never intend to, and hope I never have to. The only way I can classify him is “douchey.” His online dating profile picture is of him flexing his muscles in front of a mirror. Cue the eye-rolling… The rest of… Read More

How House Hunting Is Like Dating…

After walking into the fifth house, I looked over at one of my future roommates and my realtor and said, “Gawd, this is JUST LIKE dating. And I really suck at dating.” My lease is up this Friday on my townhouse and for the first time in my life, I am going to move to… Read More


Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, I’m pretty sure I fell in love the other night at the wedding I was second shooting at and met the man I’m going to marry (since Adam Levine seems to be taking his sweet time. I’m not gonna wait for him, ya know). Okay, okay.… Read More

An “A” For Effort

“Are you free tomorrow night?” he texted. Ugh. I hope you blog readers appreciate what I do for you because I really didn’t want to go out with this guy, but continued to talk to him since he seemed like someone I could blog about. It was his second chance. A few months ago he… Read More

The One Who Was Perfect. Almost.

He was perfect really. Nice car, great job, attractive, confident, sweet, intelligent, funny, polite, completely chivalrous (and I mean, open car doors, walk on the outside of the street at all times, hand on the back in a guiding manner type) and he could distinguish between you’re and your, and they’re, their and there. He… Read More