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The Road To Becoming A Cat (errr…Dog) Lady

“Fight On…I like television.” I got that message from an online dater today. I don’t get it. (I get the USC reference –it’s in my profile, but the television part??) And this is one reason I took a little hiatus from dating. Men are weird. Too much of an emotional roller coaster for me and… Read More

The One With The Fur Babies

I woke up one morning in the ultimate stare-down. Behind two beady eyes was a ball of fur covering a body roughly the size of a sewer rat. A low growling sound emitted from the furry rat as he stood perched on my knee. Another tangle of fur snuggled its rat body next to mine… Read More

My Job Is Better Than Your Job…Sometimes…

I love my job. I work for an up-and-coming laptop/camera/everything bag company and my official unofficial title is “The Queen of Everything.”  My main job is to shake hands and kiss babies, look pretty, and meet people; going to parties is considered “billable hours.” I work one day a week in an office with cool… Read More

Making It Rain

After a crazy New Year’s Eve in Vegas, most of which I don’t remember very clearly, I vowed to have a few dry weeks — catch up on sleep, detox, and not go out very much. So, how did I find myself sipping a Jameson at a club while a woman tried her best to… Read More

Why The Nice Guy Doesn’t Always Finish Last

“Girls say they want a nice guy, but what they really want is an a*hole,” whined a friend of mine, who not so ironically, is a single nice guy. I don’t think the axiom “Nice guys finish last” is necessarily true, though. A girl is not opposed to “the nice guy.” In fact, we do… Read More

The Worst Breakup Line EVER (Guest Blog)

A few weeks ago, April guest blogged about dealing with her newly single status and now she’s back. Apparently, she has discovered that this writing thing is cheaper than a therapist 🙂 I met him at a gay bar. For some reason, every time I go to a gay bar with some friends, I end… Read More

The Trophy Wife

I always joke that I am looking for a sugar daddy. When the cashier at the supermarket asks if I found what I needed, I always say something to the effect of, “I didn’t find the aisle with the sugar daddies. Are you all out of those?” (I know, I’m super hilarious. At least, I… Read More

The Exit Interview

When people leave a company or organization, sometimes before you put your dying plant and all the post-it notes you can steal into the old copy paper box, you swing by HR and tell them why you’re leaving, why the job sucked, and ways you think it should be improved. Sometimes I wish dating came… Read More

Dating Rules: Paying Etiquette

Yay, rules! Yay, dating! Oh, wait. The opposite of both of those. I’ve been discussing with a few people lately about who should pick up the check on a date. It’s the consensus that the man should always pay on the first date. A few months ago, I was watching “How I Met Your Mother”… Read More