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“…You need kissing, badly. That’s what’s wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” ~Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind Any volunteers? :-*  

Happy..Um, Thursday?

  I tried making an appointment for today and the woman on the phone says, “Oh, well, Thursday is Valentine’s Day, so I can make your appointment on Friday.” “Um, thanks, but Thursday’s a better day for me…and I’m single, so…” “Okay. Well, I have Friday at 9:30?” So when did Valentine’s Day become a… Read More

The One Who Was The Blind Date

My parents met on a blind date through mutual friends. And almost 40 years later, they are still together. I went on a blind date once. For my senior prom. I wouldn’t recommend. I had a date lined up with this really cute college boy from my Bible study and about one week before THE… Read More

On Man Hating and Women Empowerment

My friend always jokes all the time that the overall theme of my blog is “man hating and women empowerment.” At least, I hope he’s joking. I make no qualms about this being an empowering platform for me personally, and if it empowers other people, women or men, I count that as a bonus. I’ve… Read More

Isn’t Online Dating Fun?

My roommate (who is a fabulous thirty-year-old and gets the most random, weird and hilarious men after her) got these messages from some guy on an online dating site yesterday. Please note the second message, “Do you think that if you weren’t judgmental, shallow, and mean that we could be together? I’m just curious. Don’t… Read More

The ‘Good Night’ Text

When did the “Good Night/Good Morning” text become a “thing?” I saw on Pinterest the other day that a good night text = he was thinking about you. Cue *eye roll* In the last year and a half of singleness, I could gauge the level of interest from a guy by the consistency of the… Read More

I Heart Drama

I’ve always, always, always said, “I don’t *do* drama. I hate it.” And I sincerely believed it. Then I began to notice that the girls that always said, “I hate drama” always seemed to be surrounded by drama and were usually the girls who had the most drama. (This is why I have mainly guy… Read More

Pondering “Love”

What does it mean to “fall in love?” Love has been so “Hollywood-ized” (totally made that word up, but I’m sure you know what I mean) and Disney-ed that it’s morphed into a mish mash of confusion, idealism and superficialism. In a few weeks, millions of dollars will be spent on a commercialized “holiday” to… Read More

The Grass Is NOT Always Greener…

The other night, my girlfriend (who is married with two kids) was lamenting about how sometimes she felt like she was doing the single mother thing like me; she felt like she never got a break, even when her husband (who worked long hours) was home as her kiddos were so used to coming to… Read More