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Bribe Your Way To a Date!

  Ladies, if you missed out on the Sugar Daddy opportunity in yesterday’s post, never fear…there’s a new dating app for you. Carrot Dating: Bribe Your Way to a Date Any press release that starts by saying this is definitely something all us ladies want to check out, right?! “There’s only one method of manipulation… Read More

The Breakup Text

I get to read a fair share of crazy news stories as a writer for SLR Lounge. And of course, I always stop at the dating ones. This one cracked me up so of course, I had to share. The premise: A guy ends things with a girl after one date via text. Now, don’t… Read More

Free Botox For Helping Some Guy Find His Mrs. Right

I’ve been to a good number of networking events in my career, and I’ve met my fair share of (hmmm, how do I put this nicely), interesting people. So interesting that I actually thought about hosting etiquette and “How Not to Be Awkward” seminars. And after reading this email that was sent by a doctor to all… Read More

On Becoming “Facebook Official”

So, today I wanted to talk about this new thing in relationships…becoming”FBO.” Back in my day, and around the Bible college/Christian universities circles, couples would “DTR” (or define the relationship), at some point in dating, exchange class rings and that would make them “official.” This began a relationship that would be the stepping stone to… Read More

You’re Stuck With Me…

So my mom wakes me up yesterday morning at 9 am to tell me that she saw some famous fortune teller about our family. He told her that I needed to stay single for the next 2-3 years, or I’ll experience tremendous pain. By 40, I should be good to go on matters of love… Read More

Give Me Everything

If you’ve ever heard The Five Love Languages book, I am hands down an “Acts of Service” type of gal. If you’d never heard of it, the premise is that people show and receive love in various ways – words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts and acts of service. When I want… Read More