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The One Who Wanted A Hug

I feel for men. I really do. I mean, you’re expected to make the first move. You’re expected to buy us a drink. You’re expected to ask us out on a date. You’re expected to pay for dinner. And on and on the list goes. Approaching people is intimidating. Approaching someone and having to hope… Read More

The One Who Was Too Sweet

“I have a guy I really want you to meet. He’s tall, handsome, in the right age range and HE MAKES CHOCOLATE FOR A LIVING.” My friends text me the most random things sometimes. “I showed him your picture and he would like to have your number.” And so it began. I woke up from… Read More

The One Who Was the President…of DBs

The other night I was at a party for work when I met the President DB (and by DB, I mean, Douche Bag, just to be clear). And, if you’ve read this blog in the past, you’ll recognize that I run into a long line of DB’s while I’m out and about. It’s not wonder… Read More

Marriage Isn’t For You

I sat down to start writing about one thing or another for today’s blog and as usual, I did a quick Facebook check and saw a post that was rapidly going viral. So I clicked it. And I realized that if someone told this to the 20-year-old me and my then boyfriend, now ex-husband, things… Read More