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Christmas Cards

When I started college, one of the things I was super excited about was sending Christmas cards. Random, I know. Of course, I had to be original and hand-make my own cards. I was not about to go purchase pre-made cards from a box! The shame! So, making homemade cards or at least doctoring up… Read More

The Queen of Everything

I’ve always joked that I am anxiously waiting for a knock on my door with a decree from the royal courier of Her Majesty the Queen that they have finally found their kingdom’s long lost princess, put a tiara on my head, shower me with jewels and whisk me away into happily ever after in… Read More


Family vacations are a rarity when your parents own their own business and work seven days a week. But when they happen, you learn to hang on tight and remember every moment. A few times, we loaded up our tan GMC van and with my brother and I playing on the pull out bed in… Read More

Today I Am Happy

Being a lifelong pessimist, it’s my default to view life negatively. The feeling of happiness was always determined by my circumstances. I felt happy when I bought a new pair of shoes. And that happiness only lasted until I decided I wanted something else. I was happy when I got a good grade. I was… Read More


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Henry David Thoreau Being directionally challenged, I’ve been lost quite a bit in my life. Even with two GPS systems, my iPhone map, a MapQuest app, and OnStar, I still constantly find myself getting on the wrong freeways, turning one street too early, being… Read More

Time For A Break…

My Facebook Status on January 3rd, 2011: “2011, I’m not sure about you…“ Internet, it’s been an interesting year. I came into this year a little dubious, but I’m leaving it stronger than ever before. I need time to process it all, regroup, refocus and start 2012 solid with purpose. So I’m taking a little… Read More


How can it be Thanksgiving already??! The last year has flown by and though 2011 has been NOTHING like I’ve anticipated or expected, I am THANKFUL for where it has brought me — through the deep valleys and painful life lessons. I’ve come out on the other side a different person, a stronger person with… Read More


“Remember 7.” That’s what she used to say when asked when her birthday was. And I was okay with her saying it forever, but somewhere down the line, she learned that her birthday was actually “November 7th.” She started talking when she was about one and a half and has never stopped. When she grows… Read More

Adventures With The Kidlet ~ Tanaka Farms

It’s 10 am on a Wednesday and I am enjoying the sounds of the rain from my bed, in my pajamas. My six-year-old is cutting paper dolls of people from the Byzantine Empire. She is also in her pajamas and she every so often stops what she’s doing and cuddles me. This is why I… Read More