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I’m in Miami, B*tch!

Last month, I was sent to spend a few days to live it up work my butt off in Miami. My task was to try out a new camera and some lenses that were about to hit the market and so for two and a half days, I was whisked away on a bus with 30 other… Read More

Once a Photographer…Always a Photographer

My interest in photography began sometime in high school. I loved taking photos of my friends and I had a keychain film camera that I took with me everywhere I went. I remember waiting the agonizingly long 24 hours for Stater Bros. to pick up and drop off my film and racing to the store when… Read More

The People: Kenneth

A few months ago, my roommate sent me pictures of his nephew taken at a place in the mall, criticizing each picture and what he didn’t like about the experience (I’ve taught him well, obviously). The pictures were standard mall pictures; I know since I have a boxful of them –one for each month of… Read More

An Evening With Daniel Goddard

Life is a funny thing. You never know who you’ll meet and where you’ll end up. I remember my first year of college, wanting to go visit Dallas to meet a boy I met online. 17 years later, I finally do end up visiting Dallas, the boy long forgotten. I first bonded with Jools over… Read More