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Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

My dad came to America when he was in his twenties, leaving his wife and baby daughter (me) in Taiwan. He spent a few weeks making sure that this new land would be a place that he could raise his child and fulfill his dreams. We moved to America when I was 3 years old.… Read More

Ballerina Wishes

When I was a little girl, I never had the desire to become a ballerina. The frothy pink tulle, ballet slippers, pirouettes, and pointed toes…nope, not me. What I really wanted was to swim with dolphins, train walruses and feed killer whales smelly dead fish at Sea World. (It’s funny because today I would say… Read More

Good Enough to Get By

Mediocrity…sometimes I feel that this word defines my life. Not because I consciously decide that I want to be average/ordinary/so-so/(insert your own adjective here), but I think sometimes I allow fear (of failure) to enable me to stay where I am at, doing just enough to get by, not excelling at anything. People would describe me… Read More

Mao: Our Cat-Dog

Yes, seriously. I am blogging about my cat. I have become THAT person. First of all, I am allergic to cats…runny nose, itchy eyes, hives and sneezes…so I never really liked cats. When we moved, this skinny little stray kept coming around to talk to us and one thing led to another and now we… Read More

My Girlie Girl

I am not sure if she likes to be in front of the camera or behind the camera more! This is Mackenzie in one of her Sunday School dresses. Every morning she will ask me, “What are we wearing today?” And if I say, “a dress,” cheers erupt and invariably there will be jumping up… Read More

Birthday “Experiences”

Ribbon and wrapping paper flying all through the air…piles of plastic, noisy toys forgotten in minutes…jealousy, selfishness, tears and fighting kids…ahh, birthdays. A cynical view, I know, but for a while now I have worked on going “beyond” the typical, consumer-driven, junk accumulating birthday present. Now, with some effort and creativity, Mackenzie and I collaborate… Read More

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Mackenzie loves taking pictures. She always wants to take pictures with my Canon X-Ti…yikes! I found her a disposable camera that was a wedding favor. She loves it and it placates her until she looks at the back and says, “Mama, I can’t see the pictures!” Oh, the digital age…