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my life: goodbye my friend

He lifted his head weakly and looked back at me. I petted his big black nose and kissed it. He knew and I knew that this was the last time I’d see him alive. Saying goodbye is hard. Knowing you are saying goodbye for the last time is excruciating. A few weeks ago, I said… Read More

my life: what’s in a name?

Kids can be cruel. In elementary school, anything that sets you apart can be a catalyst for open ridicule and teasing. Not only was I one of the ONLY Asian students in the entire school – which by the way was in a small town, so the ENTIRE school was not that big, but in… Read More

a wedding …and drooling on a cute stranger

Over 20 years ago, two friends talked about how great it would be if the eldest daughter of one family were to grow up to marry the eldest son of the other family. They made many frivolous plans, as mothers do, not imagining that one day that plan would come to fruition. On November 8,… Read More

snowmen in october

Tim is anti celebrating “holidays” that don’t have a purpose. Dressing up and going door to door for candy of which you have to find creative ways to rid your kids of = no purpose for us. So, we don’t celebrate Halloween. Not that there is anything wrong with Halloween and all that but, our… Read More

wireless chapstick

I have a small, little, insignificant, tiny, imperceptible, infinitesimal, modest, unimportant really, slight, okay, wee obsession with Chapstick. I just love the little tubes of waxy-flavored goodness that just makes me happy. A connoisseur if you will. My purse is riddled with little tubs of varying shapes, flavors, and brands of lip balm. My nightstand,… Read More

jay-jays and shamu tattoos

She was one years old and I needed the video babysitter for 20 minutes. Since that day 3 years ago, all airplanes, helicopters, jets and generally flying things are referred to as “Jay Jay’s.” (For those of you w/o children, it’s a cartoon, “Jay Jay the Jet Plane.” Last October, my husband took us to… Read More

fight on, baby!

So, I’m excited. I’m stay up all night waiting to go to Disneyland like I’m 7 years old excited. It’s oozing out of my pores and I swear the color is cardinal and gold. Call it an obsession, call it love, but my daughter could sing the fight song at one years old. At two,… Read More

Brave New Girl

Every time we drove past it, a little high pitched voice from the backseat would call out, “Mama, how old am I going to be when I can go there?” I would sigh and say, “Five years old baby.” The lights and colors of the metal monsters beckoned to people from the freeway as if… Read More

I’m in a Magazine!

In the September 2008 issue of Parents Magazine, on page 110, you will see my mug gracing the pages and my very intelligent quote in a little word bubble over my head. (Don’t ask me what the heck I am doing.) About once a month, some of my friends get together and have a “Girl’s… Read More

Signs of Summer

The kitties chase the big orange orbs as if they were toys. Our gardener spends a good amount of time picking them off our lawn. My best friend walked off with a bag with the sweet promise of cobbler. I look out at the side yard and it is covered with peaches that have fallen… Read More