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Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Recently, I’ve been going through old posts to systematically clean up every post starting from 2009 until the present in order to print them in a tangible book. I didn’t anticipate the emotional journey that I would take myself on by doing so. Apparently, there was some baggage while I was trying to dump old… Read More

Giving Yourself The Permission To Say Yes

During a recent meeting at work, the topic came up about the power of saying no. We are a young company that believes in building up a great culture and so this topic was brought up as an idea for a speech at a future meeting. Being a people pleaser, I’m not one to typically… Read More

This Is Not A Time For Celebration

All weekend I’ve been seeing posts of celebration after the Senate vote and confirmation. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, Christian or atheist, black, white or Asian, woman or man, this is not a time for celebrating. I don’t much discuss politics because the in-fighting and arguing and the back and… Read More

What is Fear Asking You To Do Today?

On a recent early morning flight, I blurrily made my way to the first place that served the magic morning elixir I’ve come to depend on to help me jump start my day. I wasn’t the only one. The line was snaking out of the stall with other blurry eyed passengers looking for the same.… Read More

1 By 41: One Year, One Goal

The new year doesn’t start for me on January 1st like it does for everyone else. For me, my new year doesn’t begin with fireworks, champagne toasts or a midnight kiss (well, it does sometimes). Like the rest of the world, I do make resolutions on new years though, except my New Year begins on… Read More

A Band-Aid Won’t Fix Your Problem

I decided the other morning that I didn’t need coffee for my 90-minute commute. I’m still a fairly new coffee drinker, having found this magical elixir only about six months ago. (I’m one of those late adopters). After three days of no alarms and total gluttony from a long weekend, I braved the LA traffic… Read More

When Life Feels Out Of Your Control

Recently, I was put in a situation that was completely out of my control. Being a control freak, Type-A, whatever you want to call it, any situation where I feel out of control sends me into a panic. I liken it to the feeling of the drop on a roller coaster where your stomach feels… Read More