Your Voice Is Like a Cross Between Fergie and Jesus…

Your voice is like a cross between Fergie and Jesus…” – Stepbrothers

When I was younger, I would sing solos at church. I would go to my local Christian music store that had tracks of the most popular Christian songs at the time ON CASSETTES and buy a few to learn and perform. I have photos of me and my permed hair and blue eyeliner (which neither was cool back then), grandma sweater and holding a microphone on stage singing my heart out. I would go digging into an dusty old box and spend the time scanning them in so you could see, but I still have some pride and self-worth left. Actually, honestly, I just don’t have enough patience to go through the old boxes in storage, but you can hold onto the hopes that one day I shall stumble upon them, in which, the day will come when you have the opportunity to mock me to no end for them. But as today is not that day, I will give you something else to put in your arsenal for which you can tease me mercilessly. (Well, I did find one from high school and here it is…)


Anyhow, back to the point.

I used to love to sing in front of people, but talking was a different thing. Which is probably also why I have an aversion to the phone as well. Send me emails, send me texts, but call me on the phone and you may never hear from me ever. I hate the sound of my voice. I cringe when I hear the echo that sometimes comes across my phone, enabling me to hear the weird timbre of my voice, which to me sounds like a 10-year-olds. Be that as it may, I sometimes have to be interviewed for work and those times, I pretend that my voice is as silky and smooth as well, someone with a silky and smooth voice, I suppose.

So, here is my latest interview. It is for Full Time Photographer. I haven’t listened to it and probably never will unless I’m kidnapped and as a form of torture the evil captor ties me up and forces me to listen. I shudder at the thought. If you are so inclined to listen, I chat about how to get your photography featured and get exposure from a magazine such as SLR Lounge. Enjoy and feel free to lie to me and tell me I sound like rainbows and unicorns.

Interview for Fulltime Photographer

XOXO from the silky smooth voice…

Me in Greece drinking a little bit of Heaven. It’s a Freddocappuccino and for someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I’ve craved it every day since I’ve come home.


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