Year One

Yesterday (April 7th) was my one-year anniversary. My roommate and I celebrated with a shot of Jameson. It has been exactly one year since my divorce was officially final, and I jokingly call it my “Emancipation” Day. Looking back, it’s been a fantastic year full of self-discovery, adventures, self-doubt, and a lot of growth and progress.

Today would’ve been my 12th wedding anniversary had we stayed married, and I would likely be in the same rut, still a workaholic, unhappy, angry, and simply surviving one day at a time.

Talk about blessings in disguise.


One thought on “Year One

  1. My friend told me last night, in response to my “Divorce Party” (now my “Singleness is Magic Party”) that he called his party an emancipation party! Haha. It’s a perfect term. Not celebrating the divorce but celebrating new life. That’s what it’s all about, girl.

    Funny thing is *my* “Emancipation Day” will be 8 days away from my 6-year-anniversary… funny how those things happen so close together. But all for the best.

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