Why I Disabled My Online Dating Account

I think I’ve held on long enough. Took one for the team. Put myself out there for a bit…

But, the time has come. I disabled my online dating account. Now, this isn’t a forever goodbye, but I need a break for a little while.

For months, I just basically ignored 99% of the emails that came in. The rare one percent was a person I actually knew (sorta). As in the beginning, I realized that online dating was not for me. I am a girl that does not believe in dating around. I think that I deserve to be pursued and not have to worry about that man “talking” to six other women. It’s a standard I’ve set for myself, blogged about regularly and won’t tolerate anymore. I am not interested in competing for the attentions of a man. If he wants to give his time to other women and date around, I am not going to waste my time hoping that he “picks me.” (Sorry, this subject always gets me on my soapbox).

But what I really disliked about online dating is the meat market feel, the judgement (mostly on my part), the weirdos, creepers and stalkers (though, they make good stories), and the sense of hope that never seems to get fulfilled. Of course, this is just me. I know a lot of awesome couples (many of my previous clients, too) who have met and fell in love via an online dating site. I am so happy for them, but for me, I need a break from the roller coaster of emotion that comes from the dating realm (not just the online part).

I told my roommates months ago, that I feel like my next significant relationship will probably be with someone I am friends with first (not someone I meet solely for the purpose of a date) I just am not the dating type. I do not enjoy it, and the thrill is not worth the sorrow.

So, Online Dating, it’s time to break up. It’s not me; it’s you.

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