What’s New? Nothing.

For months now, I’ve been answering the same question with the same answer.

“So, what’s going on?” (Or “what’s new? How’s it going?” or a derivation of those questions).

And the answer is always the same, “Nothing. Same old stuff.”

And THANK GOD for that.

There was a while there was nothing but drama. And by a while, I mean the last nine years or so. I used to pride myself on being the one people WEREN’T praying for. And then everything just kind of snowballed from there and it was one thing after another from near bankruptcy to marriage to divorce, etc., etc. And suddenly they were holding prayer groups centered around me. Yikes.

So now, when people ask, and I say, “Nothing new,” a wave a relief washes over me. Everything is okay. No changes. No drama. Nothing exciting. No intrigue. And whew, what a relief that is. Boring is a nice change.

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