Starting today, I can no longer check off the ages 26-34 box and have to start checking the 35-42 box. Sigh.

And I’m more okay with that than I thought I would be. Last year, when I posted my birthday blog post, 34, little did I realize that only a few short days later my year would stray far from what I pictured it would be when I blew out that candle.

The last twelve months have set in motion a ride I never imagined I would ever be on. 34 has brought me to the highest highs and the lowest lows, has tested my strength and my fortitude has introduced me to passion and life, joys and sorrows, adventures and places I’d never had believed.

And I wouldn’t change one moment.

As the first 24 hours of 35 begin, I want to spend this birthday post expressing my gratitude for the people that lived 34 with me. Without them, I don’t know how I would’ve made it through the most difficult, interesting, fun, exciting, sad, scary, terrible, happy, crazy, ugly, morose, beautiful, arduous, free, trying, amazing twelve months of my life. These people have walked with me on this journey, they’ve laughed with me, they’ve cried with me and sometimes they’ve had to carry me…

Shauna: You were the first one I called. And you listened. And you listened. And you listened. Sitting on your rooftop, sipping wine and doling out advice. Thank you.

Terri: My best friend who has been through more than enough heartache with me in the 6 years we’ve known each other. For force-feeding me and never, ever judging my actions, thank you.

Mom and Dad: Dad’s first words were an offer for me to move back home, mom’s weekly calls and “Love” gifts and Kidlet being so easily adaptable of a terrible situation, thank you.

David: You’ve taught me so much more than you’ll ever know. From the very beginning, you’ve encouraged me to laugh, to grow and to dream. Thank you.

Brandon: You give me my girl moments and then you kick my ass and tell me to stop being the victim. For the countless hours you’ve sat with me so I wouldn’t be alone to the roommate dates and the insomniac jam sessions, thank you.

Ronnie: You took my countless midnight, tear-filled calls and continued to remind me of killing the ego, thank you.

Christy and Ruby: You took me in your arms with no questions asked when I realized my need for girlfriends. You listened, gave advice and sent for alcohol. You encouraged me to be patient and proved that second chances are both possible and wonderful, thank you.

Chad: My BFF, my guzband. When I was lost and found myself hundreds of miles away in Phoenix, we found each other. You continually listen to my highs and lows and remind me how fabulous I am. Every girl needs a gay husband and I am glad you are mine! Thank you.

Brandie, Dana & Destinie: For allowing me into your weekend adventures, for listening and giving awesome advice, for showing me what awesome sassy ladies should be like…Dana, for sharing your own personal struggles and your lessons learned, Destinie, for being an encouragement and making me laugh, Brandie, my travel buddy and someone who is the epitome of the amazing, won’t settle for anything less woman who gives great advice, thank you.

For all the others that have been a part of my journey these past 12 months…you know who you are. Thank you.

And for you blog readers that take this journey with me every day, sending me encouraging emails, coming up to me in meetings, sharing with your friends.. for cheering me on and for coming along for the ride, thank you.

This post was way sappier than I intended it to be, but I am EXCITED about 35. There are so many things to learn, so many dreams to explore, so many places to go to, so many people to meet. Oh and it totally helps that I don’t feel 35 and thanks to the Asian genes, I don’t look 35 either–vain, I know…

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  1. Thank you for the honorable mention! I am glad to know that sharing my experience has helped you in a small way. I am always hear to talk and for fun!

    You are a very young 34 year old. Can’t wait to hear all about more adventures.

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