Think Like A Man

“In a past life, you were probably a man…” the psychic said, as I tried my best not to laugh/snort/roll my eyes as she looked at me in all seriousness. She told me that I thought like a man, yet I had all the characteristics of a woman…Um, okay, I’m like the biggest princess/diva girly girl I know.

I told my friend, and he said, “I can see that.”


“I mean, you are blunt and say whatever you’re thinking. No BS. No drama. But you don’t think logically or analytically, so you’re still a woman.”

Gee, thanks.

Tonight, my soon to be roommate says, “I swore I would never have another girl roommate, but you’re like a guy, so it’s ok…”

I think I just figured out why I really suck at this dating thing.

(In my quest to “do a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t normally do,” I went to a fortune teller at the fair which I blogged about a few weeks ago, HERE).

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