The Weddings: Vivian & David (Ambassador Mansion, Pasadena)

He is a man of few words. But when he looked into her eyes and spoke his self penned vows there on the bridge, with all their family and friends looking on, his few words and his eyes conveyed volumes of his love for her.

She knows exactly what he is thinking, even when he doesn’t say the words. He’ll lift her hand up for a kiss, or nuzzle his head into her hair and without words, she knows.

At the end of the evening, when they were thanking their wedding guests, he said a few words, and passed the microphone over to her. “Here, you’d better do this,” knowing that she would know the exact words to say to convey his feelings. And she did.

Vivian and David, what a special and sweet wedding this was for me to be a part of. Not only was I able to see one of my childhood friends marry the love of his life, but seeing people that I grew up with and spent many a holiday with as a child was so precious to me. Thank you for allowing me to document your day and your love. Happy Honeymooning in Thailand!

The wedding was at the Ambassador Mansion and Gardens in Pasadena and I squealed in excitement when I saw these stairs.

I also squealed (in a totally cool way, of course) when I saw her Carolina Herrera dress. I loooove Carolina. Like in an obsessive, squeally type of way.

One of the things I love about Vivian, is that she thinks outside of the box. There was NO WAY she was not going to include her two childhood best friends in a special way. Here are Vivian, her bridesmaids and her bridesmen.

The first look

The Thai Water Ceremony (Rod Nam Sang) is a traditional Thai wedding ceremony where guest, led by the most respected elders, will take turns approaching the couple and offering their blessings. They will pour water over the hands of the couple and offer words of good luck. I was honored to be asked to take part in this, but it took me a while to figure out what advice to give.

The little details of the reception had me squealing again! (Thanks to my second shooter, Amber Wilson for getting some of these RAD details!)

David used to be a graphic designer and I loooove all their paper goods. There were even instructions on making your program into a fan!

LOVE their use of their engagement photo on the Jones Soda bottle.

From sushi, to tacos, to cupcakes (by Fancy That! Cupcakes), milkshakes and candy, the guests were well fed…

…and well entertained, as evidenced by this Glee-esque performance from the wedding party.

The night was well lit and music was rocking thanks to the awesome team at Bump It Entertainment. It was also wonderful working with the team at Lovebirds Film who provided cinematography for the day. Here is their preview.

Vivian + David from Lovebirds Film on Vimeo.

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