The Walk Of Shame

The night before started young. We had dinner and drinks at my friend’s favorite bar. The bartender knew us as we had spent a few hours there the last time I came to visit and so he bought us a round of whiskey shots to begin the evening. After a few drinks, my inner fat kid screamed for attention and we went on a search for desserts –after all, it WAS cheat day.

Meeting up with a few friends, we proceeded to not find dessert, but Jack and Cokes, lots of laughter and some 2 am pizza (which by the way is ALWAYS the best pizza I ever eat…), but still, my sweet tooth was begging to be satiated. And so we found our way back at my friend’s neighbor’s house. He proceeded to make beignets –which makes my friend ill, but my inner fat kid happily gobbles them up. My friend then passes out on the bathroom floor. I decide to let her rest a bit before waking her up and walking her back to her apartment.

Next thing I know, my alarm is ringing at 8 am and we make our way across the street to her building. The walk of shame…and we didn’t even get to do anything shameful 🙂

“I’m wearing last night’s dress/And I look like a hot ass mess/Although my hair looks good/’cause I haven’t slept yet.” ~Pink, “Walk of Shame”

Hope you have a fun-filled weekend…with maybe a walk of shame thrown in? XOXO, H

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