The Target Card

A few weeks ago, a friend and fellow blogger wrote about her a negative experience with Target. Now, like most people, I have a slight…um, problem with Target. I mean, it’s not really a problem, per se, just a little bitty blip in my monthly budget that always seems to be in the red no matter how much money I budget in the “Target” category.

So, I figured it would be smart to just get a Target debit card, where you save 5% or whatever and it comes out of your debit card. The problem is, they needed a blank check and I kept forgetting to bring a blank check. I was lamenting my woes about this to a cashier a few weeks ago and she suggested I just apply for the Target credit card.

I try to stay far far away from the evil credit cards as I seem to have little self-control over them and I’m still paying off lots and lots of bills…but I figured, oh well, I promise I WILL NOT USE IT. And besides I figured I wouldn’t qualify. Well, after some coaching from the little Asian cashier (who, by the way told me that she was 46 and dating a 26-year-old – how did that topic come up??), I qualified…for a lot. Oh great.

And as predicted, I’ve been there 5 times since I got the damn card two weeks ago. I need an intervention.

One thought on “The Target Card

  1. Yep, Target and I were on a break, but I just checked my balance on my credit card, and we’re sooooo clearly not on a break anymore. I’m spending too much money on her for it to be anything short of an engagement.

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