the places: out of africa

A massive throng of 30+ blue sweaters swarmed toward me en masse, peppering me with questions and clamoring for a position in front of my camera. “You Chinese?” “Who’s the president of China?” “Mrs. Trainor, take picture of me!” “You’re Chinese and American?” “What is your name?” “Do you know Barack Obama?” “Me! Me! Take picture!” “What do you like to eat?” “Where you from?””Take picture!” “Take picture!”

Today was our first day at the Akaki Hale Heywet School in Addis Ababa. We observed in the classrooms and held our first inservice session for the teachers.

The kids were fascinated by my long, straight, black hair — many little hands grabbed the strands, pushing and clowning in the hopes that I might point my camera in their direction. We were mobbed as soon as the bell rang for break and many kids stayed out of class to speak with us about capitalism and democracy. I was struck by their intelligence and beauty. I can’t wait for tomorrow when I visit the little little kids in Preschool and Kindergarten.

10 thoughts on “the places: out of africa

  1. These were worth the wait! I’ll try not to say anything to your family about your bringing 30 extra kids home, but … they might notice … eventually. You’d get lotsa great pictures though.
    Praying for you.

  2. so beautiful! I love how the kids there, in their poverty, have a richness we cannot imagine. you have so beautifully captured their life and vibrance…so glad to hear they are receiving all you have to offer, in lessons and teaching, the love and attention you can give them, and the message of Life. keep up the great work!

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