The One With The Half Naked Pictures

I find myself having to blog about this guy even though I’ve never met him, never intend to, and hope I never have to.

The only way I can classify him is “douchey.” His online dating profile picture is of him flexing his muscles in front of a mirror. Cue the eye-rolling…

The rest of his pictures are of him at the gym or shirtless or at the pool or flexing. Seriously.

He emailed me a borderline inappropriate, “I’m trying to be funny, but I obviously have very little in the personality department,” type email which I ignored. I didn’t even bother reading his profile. The pictures were enough to induce a gag-worthy response. In fact, I’m pretty sure I threw up a bit in my mouth.

A few hours later, he emailed me again and said he read my profile, and I seemed to be an “angry person” and that I had a “short fuse” so he wasn’t so sure about me. I was feeling feisty, so I wasn’t gonna let that one go.  I emailed him back and told him that he can judge all he wanted and if I seemed so, “angry,” then why would he even bother messaging me at all?! I told him that his previous message was inappropriate, irritating, and I wasn’t going to bother to even respond. I ended the email telling him I wasn’t interested especially not in someone who posted half-naked pictures of himself all over the place. (Okay, so I sound a bit angry in this post, but aside from a few rants here and there, I really am not an angry person. I like to laugh and smile a lot…even if it’s through clenched teeth and rolling eyes sometimes…)

He immediately emailed back and said, “Half-naked? It’s SoCal in the summer. Omg. You are really reaching on this one. Lol .” Of course, he’d focus on only that. Then he basically sent another message with something resembling a “You started it.” Which I ignored and the five other messages he randomly sends every few weeks. Every time he changes his profile picture, it’s more revealing and disgusting and then I get a “Now this is what I call half-naked. Lol.” email.


P.S. I have a whole rant post coming about guys who post shirtless pictures of themselves in a bathroom mirror. And girls that make duck faces.

P.S.S. Why haven’t I blocked this guy? Because I can’t wait to see what Mr. Ego-tastic has to say next and if I can use it for a future blog post.

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