The One With The Accent

The One With The Accent

I actually contacted him first. I realized that if I had to write about my dating adventures, I actually had to go on dates (funny how that works). So, one evening, I sifted through the online dating site I’m on and found him. He caught my interest because he was from the UK and I’m a sucker for accents. Plus, he was good looking. Sold. 😉

We started emailing back and forth and once I figured out he could use proper grammar and we had a good number of things in common, we exchanged numbers and started texting. (If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a text-er. I hate the sound of my voice and so I try not to subject the world to hear it too often and since I like writing more than speaking, texting is my first choice of daily communication). He didn’t seem to mind my incessant need to share photos of my daily life (my friends get random pics from me of what I eat for lunch and other fascinating aspects of my day to day existence. Lucky them, huh?) and he was great about reciprocating with pictures of his own.

A few days after we “met,” he left the country for a two-week vacation. We continued constant contact and made plans to meet up for a date when he returned. Our first date went well. I was comfortable (especially after texting nonstop for a better part of 3 weeks) and I didn’t feel like I was at work, trying to sell myself. We never ran out of things to talk about and with his accent, I could listen to him recite the phone book and still be on the edge of my seat. We decided we should go on a second date. Oh, and I kissed him good night. (I guess I’m still on the quest to prove I’m an okay kisser –as discussed in THIS POST, plus I wanted to and so I did :))

About a week later, we went out again. And again, it was great. We had fun, talked a bunch, and made plans to meet up again before I left for New York. That didn’t happen because of our busy schedules, but even before that, I started noticing fewer and fewer texts coming from him. I may be new to this dating thing, but I can read the writing on the wall pretty well –when the contact lessens the interest is waning. Finally, I asked him and he basically gave a few “I’m over it” excuses –including this line, “I don’t see us adding more to each other’s lives…” (Begin mini-rant: When someone says that, they usually don’t mean themselves. I mean, who says, “I don’t think I’m awesome enough to add anything else to you.” They pretty much mean that YOU can’t really offer anything for them. Oh well. I’m not the type to try to convince someone of my awesomeness. That’s his loss. Plus, my guess is he found another “option.” And I don’t do well with being “just an option.” End mini-rant).

It sucks because I actually was starting to like this one a lot. But as my roomie, @hashtagBrandon always says, “C’est la vie.” Nothing a few shots of Jameson, a hurricane, and 3,000 miles of open road can’t help me get over.

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