The One Who Was Perfect. Almost.

He was perfect really.

Nice car, great job, attractive, confident, sweet, intelligent, funny, polite, completely chivalrous (and I mean, open car doors, walk on the outside of the street at all times, hand on the back in a guiding manner type) and he could distinguish between you’re and your, and they’re, their and there.

He called just to chat. He made me laugh. He listened. He cared. He was awesome. He gave me lots of attention. He really liked me…

And I just wasn’t that attracted to him.

Seriously. What is wrong with me??!

I tend to like the same types of guys in terms of looks–tall, all-American good looks, blue/green eyes, usually blonde, broad shoulders. My roommate would always tease me and say he could walk into any room and pick out which guy I would be attracted to and nine times out of ten he was right. He told me to step outside my box, expand my horizons, and give some the other men a chance.

So I did, and the one I found was perfect. Almost.

Outside the box is overrated sometimes…

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