The New Girl

So, I’ve been grappling with this for…well, as long as I have been single.

How are you supposed to feel when the girl your Ex (I’m not *just* talking about my ex-husband either) chose over you is way less attractive than you? Are you supposed to be offended or flattered?

No, I’m serious. Some days, I’m like, “Yeah. I’m waaayyy better looking than she is. What a downgrade.”

On other days, I’m all, “OH.MY.GOD. He gave me up for THAT??!”

Maybe she just has a good personality?

Ugh. What if she IS better looking??! That’s a thought to ponder for another day.

One thought on “The New Girl

  1. You can also add in things like older.. heavier.. crazier.. because that’s what I’m dealing with. Really, you left me for a woman older than both of us, who’s got a serious side helping of crazy?? Okay…

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