The Grass Is NOT Always Greener…

The other night, my girlfriend (who is married with two kids) was lamenting about how sometimes she felt like she was doing the single mother thing like me; she felt like she never got a break, even when her husband (who worked long hours) was home as her kiddos were so used to coming to her with all their issues. “Sometimes,” she said, “I just want to take a bath alone and read. But if it’s not the kid’s coming in, it’s the damn dogs scratching at the door.”

I looked at her and jokingly said, “The only thing I miss about being married is the dual income.”

Which is only partially true. There is not much I miss about not being married, let me tell you. I love being single…most of the time. From Thursday afternoon until Sunday night, I am virtually free of responsibilities. The Kidlet is with her father and other than some work commitments, I am free to do whatever I want to with no one to answer to, ask permission, or seek approval from.

Except for those nights that I just want someone to snuggle on the couch with or the days where I want a partner to share an adventure with. I miss holding hands with someone and just sharing life together. I miss the affection of being in a relationship.

But honestly, I don’t miss too much else.

I’m sure the right man will come along someday (before my metamorphoses into Crazy Cat Lady comes to fruition, I hope) and change my mind, but until then, I am going to enjoy all my freedom, my lack of responsibilities and taking the longest uninterrupted baths known to mankind. And my friend will have to live vicariously through me.

One thought on “The Grass Is NOT Always Greener…

  1. Love this one!! :). And I will continue to live vicariously through you for sure… Keep posting and blogging for me 🙂 lol

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