The ‘Good Night’ Text

When did the “Good Night/Good Morning” text become a “thing?”

I saw on Pinterest the other day that a good night text = he was thinking about you. Cue *eye roll*

In the last year and a half of singleness, I could gauge the level of interest from a guy by the consistency of the good morning/good night text. If he was losing interest, suddenly I stop getting greetings upon waking and at bedtime.

I do admit that in the past getting a “Good Morning Beautiful” text made me smile, but then I started to wonder how many other girls were getting good morning texts. Ok, so I am cynical. That’s not a secret. But seriously, it’s become a cliche and, therefore, has lost its value for me.

My roommate doesn’t send good night texts on principle. He’ll text, “Sleep well,” or if he wants to friend zone a girl, he sends “Have a good one,” or “TTYL.”

There’s so much psychology involved in dating. Exhausting. Can we get back to when a simple “Good Night” just meant that I wished you, well, a good night?

Yeah, you and how many other women? Oops, my cynicism is showing again.

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