The Fashion: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Part 1

Some girls just don’t grow out of dressing up. I actually was a late bloomer. I didn’t really start wanting to dress up until college and while my classmates were all schlepping it to class in dirty jeans and sweatshirts, I was wearing fashion tights, cute skirts and clunky boots to class. (I’m actually in a v-neck t-shirt and ripped jeans phase right now, so maybe I am revisiting the college roots?!)

These days, figuring out what to wear has become an art form.  I fling open my closet doors, and after dramatically sighing, “I haven’t a thing to wear,” (sometimes in a British accent, since I’m in the middle of reading about the Tudor Dynasty), I get dressed in something comfy, yet professional looking and something that I can shoot in. Then I pile on as much jewelry as I can and still look aesthetically pleasing. I am obsessed right now with Forever 21 and their accessories. For $5, I can get a cute necklace, wear it a few times and by the time it breaks, I am sick of it.

Anyway, anytime getting together with a group of girls, surrounded by makeup, fashion, jewelry and shoes, I don’t care if I’m not there to wear the clothes, you’ll hear me often squealing, “Oh, that is SOOOO cute! Where did that come from? I want it!” If only I could take home half of the stuff I dress my models in…

Last week, a few photographers and I collaborated with some fabulous models, hair and makeup people and put together a fun fashion shoot, just because.

Venue: The Tangled Vine

Hair and Makeup: Heather Renee

Hair: Kristen Macchio

Photographers: Kristin Carlson, Kaylee Sizemore and ME 🙂

Models: Blayke, Sarah, Kristen, Tanya

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