The China Narratives Part 4: OCD Overload

I’d like to think I don’t have OCD. I’m lying to myself. I do have a few –a very few–OCD tendencies.

I want everything in my refrigerator lined up…by color and size.

When I get gas, I want the total gallons and price to be a round number. Preferably exact to the dollar.

I like things in multiples of three. I like threes. I know my three multiplication tables the best.

One big thing though is that I DO NOT like the little red icons on my iPhone telling me that I have a notification. I clear these things off right away.

Now, why don’t I just shut off my notifications, you ask? Well, duh, I can’t have anything pending in my inboxes or at any given time.

But anyway, in China, where Facebook is banned, I had to sit and look at this all day long…

Ughhhh…it drove me crazy, and it wouldn’t clear off.When I finally made it back to the Hong Kong airport, I couldn’t bring myself to click it because I was too overwhelmed.

Well, at least it was a round number…

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