The Breakup Text

I get to read a fair share of crazy news stories as a writer for SLR Lounge. And of course, I always stop at the dating ones. This one cracked me up so of course, I had to share.

The premise: A guy ends things with a girl after one date via text. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s LAME, but it’s better than a guy just randomly stopping all forms of communication and unfriends you on Facebook (ahem, personal experience), but I do have to give it to this guy, that he was very polite and honest.

She, on the other hand, is a raving lunatic. Um, yeah, he dodged a bullet for sure. Way to go, Lame text breakup guy.

To which she says: “I was stunned into paralysis. I had no words–this never happens–and I just felt short of breath. There were many things that pissed me off, but I was so flustered I couldn’t even articulate them. Again, this is a serious problem for a writer and effusive communicator.”

(via @Buzzfeed)

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