The Art Of Woo

Recently, I took the popular StrengthFinders 2.0 assessment to, well, find my strengths, duh.

In my top five strengths, I saw the word “Woo.” And I laughed.

Wooing – the act of meeting new people, winning them over, and making a connection with another person.

Yup. That’s me. Which is why I love my job with UNDFIND. I woo people. I like to joke and say that my job is to shake hands and kiss babies. I connect people and I socialize. I’m the Kim Kardashian of the camera/laptop bag world. Haha.

People that have “Woo” as a strength are described as (and you tell me if this sounds like me)…

~Driven by their talents

~ Instinctively candid and forthright with others about their challenges, happy moments and sad events

~ Freely gives individuals their time, energy and expertise

~ Enjoy the companionship of others and relish social activities

~Talkative nature may permit them to say what’s on their mind

And for these very reasons, I suck at dating. Apparently, you aren’t supposed to say everything that comes to your mind on a date? If I am too forthright with my baggage, I’ll scare people off. If I give too much, then I’m desperate and not a challenge and become boring…All these rules. Sigh.

Right after my very first date after the divorce, (before the jerk texted me and inappropriately propositioned me) I remember on the way home calling my friend and telling him that I hated dating and never wanted to do it again. Why? It felt like work. Like I’m at my job. I’m selling. I’m woo-ing. And I’m not even getting paid for it…

I should’ve been born in another era. I want the man to woo me. (And not have 4 other “options” whom he’s also “woo-ing.”) Men, you don’t need to go overboard and get all “The Notebook” on me (I don’t need flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears), but do a little chasing for sure and definitely make the first move. If you expect me to make the first move and ask you out on a date, we’re never going out.

Annnndddd… Reason #653 Why Hanssie is still single…

One thought on “The Art Of Woo

  1. woowoo! and yes… totally agree about the dating thing. It’s like a forced networking event. Might as well come with little name tags and the “elevator” speech, right? But there’s hope, I promise. You’ll find the person you just *click* with. maybe not on everything, and maybe not totally right away. Like I mentioned last night, one of my best friends has been giving online dating a shot for most of this year. She was about to give up on the whole thing. But she met this guy and they hit it off. There WEREN’T any sparks that first night, but they just *clicked* in other ways, and decided to give it a second shot, just in case. And THEN the attraction grew. And they’ve been inseparable for a few months now.

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