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The 40: Moving To The Next Age Bracket

I woke up this morning feeling no different than I did yesterday (Well, maybe a bit less tired since I finally got a good, full night’s sleep). The only thing different is that I no longer am checking the 35-39 age group box, but the 40-44 will now be my go-to.   40 years old.… Read More

A 10+

I set this blog to post July 1st, but apparently my still hungover brain put July 31st and I just caught the mistake. So, here is the missing blog post from July 1st and I guess that means I don’t have to write something new today 🙂 I was on the MGM Grand’s lazy river… Read More

Just Dance

I’ve always had a good time at the clubs and pools at the Wynn and Encore hotels. While at XS this weekend, it was no different. As we were dancing and having an awesome time the other night, I look over at a man, probably about 55 years old, wearing Dockers and a light denim… Read More

Time To Party.

Last year’s Vegas count = 10. This year, 2…and counting. I’ve given up my brief and crazy party lifestyle for a bit, but every so often, it wants to come out and play. After this weekend, the Vegas count will be 3…and yes, it’s time to come out to play 🙂 Happy Weekend!

More from Vegas…

I’m posting some of our photobooth images from Vegas because, well, I am bitter that I am at work and not in Vegas. Duh. I need another Vegas trip to recover from my Vegas trip. Actually, I’m just DYING to go an adventure. ANY adventure.

My Most Embarrassing Moment

Being Asian, I’m pretty much genetically predisposed to get good grades, play the violin/piano, love Hello Kitty products, and sing karaoke. (Note: I can’t play any instrument and I do not own one Hello Kitty product). So, at WPPI one year, when the MGM Grand shut down a party in our suite, a group of… Read More

Random Observations About The Spectacle of Dating & Life

Just posting some stuff I’ve been pondering/struggling with/whining with the girlfriends about lately… Girls who go to a pool wearing inch heels, teased hair and false eyelashes –You look like you’re trying too hard. Online dating. I still hate it. Dating. I still hate that, too. Was hit on this weekend by a man whom… Read More

Last Minute Adventures

After a day of random, impromptu adventures through Downtown Los Angeles, the Roommate and I are sitting at a bar in Venice, talking about life, love and dreaming big dreams. It’s 11:25 pm or so on Monday night and he’s mocking me for something — a common occurrence when he turns and looks at me.… Read More