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The Birth Of A Saleswoman

Yesterday, I was working at a small trade show that my company, UNDFIND, sent me to last minute. Usually I don’t plan on working too much on Mondays away from home since I have the Kidlet and I don’t like leaving her at a babysitter (not that I know any in my area anyway). So,… Read More

My Job Is Better Than Your Job…Sometimes…

I love my job. I work for an up and coming laptop/camera/everything bag company and my official unofficial title is “The Queen of Everything.”  My main job is to shake hands and kiss babies, look pretty and meet people; going to parties is considered “billable hours.” I work one day a week in an office… Read More

The Queen of Everything

I’ve always joked that I am anxiously waiting for a knock on my door with a decree from the royal courier of Her Majesty the Queen that they have finally found their kingdom’s long lost princess, put a tiara on my head, shower me with jewels and whisk me away into happily ever after in… Read More