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Giving Thanks.

I am thankful for so many things in my life. But one of them, a big one of them, is the fact that YOU have allowed me this indulgence to just write. Some days are good, some days, not so good, but through it all you’ve stuck with me on this journey. So, thank YOU.… Read More

Thanks All The Time

Thankful posts are so cliche. I know I’m being a little negative, but it’s sad that we take one day out of 365 to be thankful. And usually that day, surrounded by family and friends is spent watching football (not there’s anything wrong with that, per se) and waiting for midnight to roll around so… Read More


I’ve never been a believer in giving thanks one day a year. I *try* to keep a heart of gratitude year-round (although some days it’s more of a struggle, admittedly). As is with everyone who pauses for the moment between turkey and football, I am grateful for the things we take for granted every day… Read More


How can it be Thanksgiving already??! The last year has flown by and though 2011 has been NOTHING like I’ve anticipated or expected, I am THANKFUL for where it has brought me — through the deep valleys and painful life lessons. I’ve come out on the other side a different person, a stronger person with… Read More


It’s nice that we stop once a year and reflect on the blessings we have in this life. From the turkey (or Taiwanese Hot Pot, in my case), football games (or Twitter, in my case), family gathering, Black Friday sales and the days off of work, what’s not to love about Thanksgiving? But aside from… Read More