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Thanks All The Time

Thankful posts are so cliche. I know I’m being a little negative, but it’s sad that we take one day out of 365 to be thankful. And usually that day, surrounded by family and friends is spent watching football (not there’s anything wrong with that, per se) and waiting for midnight to roll around so… Read More

Bribe Your Way To a Date!

  Ladies, if you missed out on the Sugar Daddy opportunity in yesterday’s post, never fear…there’s a new dating app for you. Carrot Dating: Bribe Your Way to a Date Any press release that starts by saying this is definitely something all us ladies want to check out, right?! “Thereā€™s only one method of manipulation… Read More

On My Soapbox: Why We Homeschool

The short answer: we are crazy. šŸ™‚ The long answer: Inevitably, when we are out or about somewhere, the question always comes up from an adult to my 5-year-old, “Where do you go to school?” (Probably because my daughter is always trying to find someone to tell our life story to). To which her reply… Read More