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NYC: Part 3 ~ The Road Trip

So, I last left the NYC story with our flights cancelled and the earliest flight home estimated for five days later. ¬†When we found out, we went to a bar to strategize our next plan of action. (I mean, where else do people go for inspiration during a semi-crisis?) Staying in Manhattan was out of… Read More

Homeward Bound Day 2 #getmehome

I remembered a bit too late that I get car sick. I’m lying in the backseat of the car blogging this from my phone. We are about to stop in Nashville, Tennessee, and Little Rock, Arkansas. We’ve been busy fundraising (keep spreading the word or donate if you can!), making silly videos, and seeing the… Read More

And So It Begins…#getmehome

It’s 1 am on Halloween night. Driving through the darkened streets of a foreign city after being rejected by countless cabs, a flutter of fear clenches my tummy. Thrown into a situation I cannot control and have no written step by step plan for. The remnants of my control freak type-A inner child screams her… Read More