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5 Tips For Stress-Free Co-Parenting With Your Ex

Even more joyful than the joys of single parenting¬†are the joys of co-parenting with your ex. (If you cannot sense the sarcasm, let me assure you that it’s there). You will forever be bonded to the person you once shared a life with, a family with, and forever a child (or children) with. No matter… Read More

My One Piece of Advice for Parents

I once was told (recently) that my calling was to write books that taught parents how to raise their kids and kids how to treat their parents. I guess there is only one piece of advice I would give any parent who asked can be summed up in one sentence.

I Can’t Homeschool Because [Insert Excuse Here]…

I have probably already posted about this a time or two, but when I told people I was going to homeschool my daughter 4 years ago, I got the typical weird looks, raised eyebrows and questions such as “What about her socialization??” Now that homeschooling has become more main stream and widely accepted, I get… Read More