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Online Dating…A New Perspective (Guest Blogger)

—————————————————————————————————————————————————— I knew that venturing into the world of dating after a nine-year hiatus would be… well, interesting. So far, I’ve impressed myself with my willingness to meet new people. I’m instigating conversations, unafraid of rejection and feeling empowered by my newfound sense of exploration. I’ve also observed a lot of the same online dating woes… Read More

My Online Dating Profile…Revealed.

I was at brunch with my girlfriend yesterday and she asked to see my dating profile. Since I disabled my account and have no current plans to reactivate it anytime soon, I showed her the screen shots of them. After she stopped laughing and telling me how much she loved me (and let’s be honest,… Read More

How Much Would You Pay To Date Me?

A friend sent me a link to this dating site she had found, CleverDate. Basically, from what I understand is that you bid for a first date. Yep, you read that correctly. Men have to PAY to go on a first date with you. This is copied from their site: OUR RESEARCH SHOWS WHY CLEVERDATE… Read More

Why I Disabled My Online Dating Account

I think I’ve held on long enough. Took one for the team. Put myself out there for a bit… But, the time has come. I disabled my online dating account. Now, this isn’t a forever goodbye, but I need a break for a little while. For months, I just basically ignored 99% of the emails… Read More

Online Dating – UK Style (Guest Blogger)

Today’s guest blogger is from my good friend, Jools. We connected through Twitter and our mutual love for Hawaii Five-0, and I guess two sassy, smart, gym loving, single gals just naturally gravitate toward one another, right? Jools decided to try online dating because of my ahem–raving reviews about it and here are her thoughts.… Read More

Online Dating Tip: Use Spell Check

My friend from the UK started online dating because I so highly recommended it (hahahahaha….ha) and so far, it has provided her hours of entertainment. She has also come to the same conclusion as I have, that it seems like we will be single for the rest of our lives. One tip for my online… Read More

More Online Dating Horrors…

I don’t know why I still keep my online dating account. I haven’t responded to any of the messages I’ve received for months now and I haven’t wanted to…until this one. I really, really, really want to respond to this guy, but I am refraining for the moment since there is nothing I could say… Read More

Isn’t Online Dating Fun?

My roommate (who is a fabulous thirty-year-old and gets the most random, weird and hilarious men after her) got these messages from some guy on an online dating site yesterday. Please note the second message, “Do you think that if you weren’t judgmental, shallow, and mean that we could be together? I’m just curious. Don’t… Read More