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The China Narratives Part 4: OCD Overload

I’d like to think I don’t have OCD. I’m lying to myself. I do have a few –a very few–OCD tendencies. I want everything in my refrigerator lined up…by color and size. When I get gas, I want the total gallons and price to be a round number. Preferably exact to the dollar. I like… Read More


There’s nothing that stresses me out, makes me irritated, and sends me to a frenzy of OCD organizing and cleaning than lack of efficiency. A residual Type A trait that I’ve clung tightly to, to be efficient means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. I strive to be efficient because what I’ve… Read More

Drifting Away

Once upon a time, I was a control freak. My life was planned out; I had lists and post-its and index cards taped in random places. My calendar was divided into three columns–one for each member of the family –what we were doing each day, sorted by hour and what we were eating for each… Read More