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Wild Thing

Since I battled it out with nature this weekend, I figured I would keep on this nature theme for a bit and share with you how nature became my enemy. My nemesis and I developed a hatred for each other at an early age. I remember swimming in a lake when I was a wee… Read More

Me vs. Nature

This time last year, I was slipping on my stilettos, rubbing on the lip gloss and teasing my hair, ready to party it up under the neon lights of Vegas, for the 7th time that year. This weekend, one year later, I found myself trekking down ravines, trying not to be eaten alive by bugs… Read More

Spring Fever

I’ve been staring at this blinking cursor for the last two hours. Am I out of stories to tell? Am I out of feelings to share? Am I just in need of a new adventure? My trainer looked at me the other day after I told her I was feeling extra antsy and needed to… Read More