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The DMV = The Pit of HELL

Still trying to get my name changed. Read the checklist HERE. SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE ┬áNo Appointment Wait time: 20 minutes Staff: Friendly and accommodating New card in hand: 4 days Number of Visits: 1 Cost: $0 DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES Made an appointment (actually two appointments and now it will be three appointments) Wait time:… Read More

The Name Change Checklist – Divorce Edition

Last week I spent a collective 3 hours at the two favorite places in the country. The Social Security office and the DMV. (Now, in it’s defense, I will say that the SS office was a pleasant experience…while the DMV, well, it was the typical DMV experience – long lines, rude and impatient staff and… Read More

Back To Being A Ho

Today, I decided to change my last name back to my maiden name. My last name has always been an issue growing up, and once I got married, I happily changed it. Read about it in my previous post HERE. When I filed for divorce, it was too much of a hassle to go back… Read More