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The First Day Of School

Yesterday was the first day of the 4th grade for the Kidlet. I can’t believe it. As per our usual tradition, our first day consisted of a special breakfast (a maple bacon donut!) followed by school in the park. This tradition started in kindergarten when we were unable to stay at our house the first… Read More

The Secret Mission

A few months ago, I was walking to the beach with the Kidlet, and we happened upon a jewelry store. I love unique rings and one silver ring shaped like a corset caught my eye. I went in and tried it on, but after looking at the price tag, deemed it a little too pricey… Read More


“Remember 7.” That’s what she used to say when asked when her birthday was. And I was okay with her saying it forever, but somewhere down the line, she learned that her birthday was actually “November 7th.” She started talking when she was about one and a half and has never stopped. When she grows… Read More