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A Letter To The ‘Other Woman’

The Backstory I got an email this week from HER asking me for my forgiveness. She, the one I referred to as “homewrecker,” the woman that played a part in breaking up my family unit as I knew it. A small, immature part of me wanted to respond immediately with, “Well, isn’t Karma a bitch?”… Read More

It’s Not About You

I remember a time when I used to be obsessive (I, know, me, obsessive?? That’s out of character…) about my analytics for my blog. I wanted to know how many people were reading, where they came from and how long they stayed. For someone allergic to math, that’s a pretty big deal. I even set… Read More

I Am Not Perfect.

I never thought I was a terrible person. I started going to church at eight years old. I’ve always tried to live by the Golden Rule, be as kind as possible, give where I can. Yes, I can sometimes have an attitude and be snarky, but I see that as part of my charm. I’ve… Read More