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A New Perspective For Moms

Most days I feel like a bad mother. Between working a lot, from home, so I can never leave; and homeschooling and doctor’s appointments, I feel like I am seriously damaging my child and one day will have the therapy bills to prove it. Then, I saw this posted on someone’s Facebook wall today, and… Read More

“You Have a Hard Life”

While walking out of a restaurant last night with the Kidlet, after a 13-hour workday, she mentioned being happy about going home and into bed. To which I replied, “I would love to do that too.” Then, she said, “Let me guess. You have to work.” I told her she was correct, to which she… Read More

Feeling Like A Single Mom

Since I’ve been back, I’ve finally, after almost two years of being a single mom, feel like, well, a single mom. (The fact that there are, like, twenty commas in the first statement kind of proves how fried my brain is right about now). Homeschooling a 4th grader is hard core. Instead of letting my… Read More

The First Day Of School

Yesterday was the first day of the 4th grade for the Kidlet. I can’t believe it. As per our usual tradition, our first day consisted of a special breakfast (a maple bacon donut!) followed by school in the park. This tradition started in kindergarten when we were unable to stay at our house the first… Read More

Adventures With The Kidlet ~ Tanaka Farms

It’s 10 am on a Wednesday and I am enjoying the sounds of the rain from my bed, in my pajamas. My six-year-old is cutting paper dolls of people from the Byzantine Empire. She is also in her pajamas and she every so often stops what she’s doing and cuddles me. This is why I… Read More

Second Grade

Messy hair. Loud fake laugh. Sassy attitude. Two crooked big girl teeth. Death stare. I have an almost 7-year-old second-grader. Where does the time go? Once a week she goes to enrichment classes for the day. On the first day of class, she stops me as we walked through the gate to her classroom and… Read More

Introducing “The Guest List”

Writing isn’t really one of my favorite subjects. I do it when I have to (i.e. 3x a week for this blog and the first few days of this year, when I picked up my journal, dusted it off and figured maybe I should try to finish it out, seeing that I began writing in… Read More

On My Soapbox: Why We Homeschool

The short answer: we are crazy. 🙂 The long answer: Inevitably, when we are out or about somewhere, the question always comes up from an adult to my 5-year-old, “Where do you go to school?” (Probably because my daughter is always trying to find someone to tell our life story to). To which her reply… Read More

my life: the first day of school

They all looked funny to me. Light hair, blue eyes, weird clothes. They stared. I stared back. Someone spoke to me, a tall pretty lady who looked like me. My four, almost five-year-old self sighed in relief, which was short-lived when I realized that the words she spoke had no meaning to me. Thus, the… Read More